My First Three Years As A Wedding Photographer- Lessons Acquired-diying

Marketing Wow, its been a roller coaster ride for my wife and I in the previous 3 years. In addition to holding down a full time job as a marketing manager Ive been strengthening our wedding and portrait photography business. Whilst its been incredibly hard juggling each of the things in my personal life, its also been richly rewarding, and Ive figured out some extremely important lessons. So what suggestions would I offer other like-minded professional photographers aiming to develop a career in social photography? These are some of my top tips: 1. Plan your week ahead – When you’re balancing both a job and a small business its absolutely essential you manage your time successfully. A good tip would be to devote an hour or so every sunday afternoon planning your week ahead of time. Also, plan in time for the different roles, such as Photographer, Day Job, Father and Husband. Its essential to keep some equilibrium in your own life, thus prepare in some recovery time and fun. A great book to study on the subject of time management is Stephen Coveys The 7 habits of highly effective people- a must read! 2. Look at some other photographers work, but keep true to your style- Whilst its great to look at other photographers work and style to obtain ideas, you shouldnt overdo this. Its imperative that you build up your own personal unique style and have confidence in own artistic instincts. At the end of the day its your own unique vision and style you have to promote, and this is what your brand identity. Rest assured that you are probably much better than you think you are! 3. Write a business and marketing plan- If you dont set yourself objectives for each year, and write down a strategy of how you will will attain them, theres a high chance you wont attain them. My apologies if this sounds harsh, but its true! We create a business plan every January for the year ahead, set out all of our objectives and then develop a marketing plan of action for how we are going to achieve them. Write a plan, but more importantly, work the plan! 4. Keep networking- Keep building links with other wedding suppliers, such as other photographers, make up artists, locations and dress makers. Its a good method to raise the profile of your own .pany and also yield leads. If possible join a local business networking group like the BNI. 5. Maintain a good mental attitude- This is less perceptible but incredibly important. Its tough getting a business off the ground in the current economic climate, and youre likely to face knock-backs and problems along the way. You have to keep your objectives in mind through everything, and continue to be positive. You must build up some mental strength. In addition I would say that you should try to follow the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, which basically means that you seek to continuously develop every aspect of your .pany and photography. Best of luck! Keep positive and even more importantly persist, and Im certain youll make it as a wedding photographer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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