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Home-and-Family Although visco-elastic foam, also frequently referred to as "memory foam" was developed by scientists in the 1960’s as an improvement on other methods of cushioning astronauts during launch, memory foam is often called "new" and "space age". In fact, some mattress stores have been selling memory foam mattresses for nearly a decade. Over time, the quality of visco-elastic beds has improved, though some quality myths still remain true. One myth surrounding this type of mattress is that quality can vary widely from mattress store to mattress store. This myth holds true, as different manufacturers use different methods and technologies to make their brands of visco-elastic beds. The myth about these beds having chemical odor is also related to the difference in manufacturing techniques. Some foam mattresses may give off an odor, though it usually dissipates within a couple of days. This varies depending on the methods use to make and transport the beds. Manufacturers also frequently use different kinds of bases for memory foam beds, which adds to the differences in quality. It is a wise idea to head down to the local Los Angeles mattress store and give a memory foam mattress a good try before purchasing. Researching the particular brand in consideration is another good way to help ensure that it is a quality product. Memory foam mattresses are also rumored to "sleep hot". What is meant by this remark is that the mattress traps heat and can be very un.fortable for sleepers as a bed that traps heat makes it difficult for the body to regulate temperature. This myth is false about visco-elastic memory foam. The rumor is rooted in old information about mattresses made of other types of foam, such as "egg crate" foam. Egg crate foam quickly lost popularity when memory foam mattresses and toppers became widely available on the consumer market. On the topic of heat, this kind of bed is also rumored to be in.patible with bed warmers and electric blankets. There is a measure of truth here. Because the foam softens in reaction to heat- usually body heat- the use of electric heating devices will wear the bed out more quickly. Some manufacturers also re.mend not using bed warmers and electric blankets due to the risk of fire. In the United States, all mattresses must meet federal fire safety standards, but meeting the standards does not outweigh the risks when consumers go against manufacturer warnings. The best way to .pare a particular bed with the myths is to research each brand under consideration. Most myths and legends are based on some modicum of fact, and those surrounding memory foam mattresses are no different. When in doubt, stick with a mattress store that is trusted in the area. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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