Northeast SOE reform program will be introduced in some cities pilot private economy

SOE reform program will be introduced in northeast part of the city pilot private economy original title: the State Council pushing 14 initiatives to revitalize the northeast northeast of SOE reform special work program introduced by the end of the premier Li Keqiang signed, the State Council recently issued "on the implementation of a new round of Northeast Revitalization Strategy to accelerate economic stabilization in Northeast China to several important steps of the in-depth views (hereinafter referred to as" the "opinions"), promote the implementation of requirements on comprehensive revitalization of the northeast old industrial base of the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee and State Council in accordance with the depth, based on the current and long-term, tackling the problem, classified policy principle, the implementation of some important measures to promote economic stabilization to northeast china. "Opinions" a total of four aspects of 14 specific measures, focusing on the Party Central Committee and the State Council have a clear focus on the task deployment, put forward a number of recent operational implementation, to promote economic stabilization in Northeast China to significant policy initiatives. The first is a comprehensive deepening of reform, stimulate internal vitality. It mainly includes the reform of the administrative system, the deepening of the reform of state-owned enterprises, and the development of private economy. The second is to promote the transformation of innovation, foster the development of power. Including speeding up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, support resource depletion and cultivate industry recession transformation in economic development in the new energy, strengthen the construction of innovative carrier and platform, to speed up the infrastructure such as padded short board. The third aspect is to expand the open cooperation, change the idea. Including the development of an open platform to focus on the development of cooperation with the system to carry out training, etc.. The fourth aspect is to strengthen the organization and coordination. It mainly includes strengthening the responsibility of the local main body, increasing the financial and financial investment support, strengthening the policy propaganda, strengthening the overall coordination and supervision and inspection, etc.. "Opinions" put forward by the end of 2016, before the introduction of the work of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises in Northeast China special program, select the part of the central enterprises to carry out comprehensive reform pilot, guide enterprises to increase the central and local cooperation, speed up resolving historical issues. Expert analysis, said the revitalization of the Northeast in the institutional reform, SOE reform is not open around the topic. Prior to the introduction of "promoting the northeast old industrial base revitalization of the three year rolling plan (2016-2018)" has been on the northeast of SOE reform work arrangements, including formulate and organize the implementation of the Northeast State-owned enterprise reform program. The reporter learned that, in this round of reform of state-owned enterprises, and strive to solve the collective factories and enterprises running social historical issues. At the same time, the parties will also promote the coordinated development of the central enterprises and local enterprises in the northeast, as well as supporting the development of private economy in some cities in Northeast China reform pilot. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章:

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