Open space test of domestic automobile Sohu – MITSUBISHI Outlander winpm

Open space test of domestic automobile Sohu – Sohu MITSUBISHI outlander car [evaluation] domestic SUV market is already hot and this even woman and children all know things, market competition is remarkable. The MITSUBISHI outlander SUV has always been to import identity in the competition, apparently will be there too. Today, the Outlander finally made, and in September 24, 2016 has been officially listed, the price range of 15.98-22.38 million yuan. 159 thousand and 800 yuan starting price, it should be said that there is a certain attraction. But that is only the price of 2.0L models, a total of 4 models listed, only one is 2.0L models, configuration is not outstanding, it is just the role of the low threshold to pull it. But the remaining three 2.4L displacement models, but it is more uniform in terms of configuration, the difference is that it is not the 7 models. Today we tested the 2.4L five version of the model is the flagship model, the outlander. We will look together, after domestic and imported outlander version of what is the difference between the price was reduced, quality is decreased.                                                                                                                     相关的主题文章:

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