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Perhaps, optical illusion and magic are no different from each other for both share the same effects: they amaze and fascinate and deceive the human eye. A suspecting audience will lose the chance of catching the trick if you are perfectly endowed with sleight of hand skill and interest. Your eyes can be deceived both by magicians hand dexterity and apparent psychological persuasion (patter). The apparent patter of a magician combined with quicksilver hand skill is a perfect match to a dubious crowd. Practical Optical Illusions Optical illusions can be carried out in front of a large or medium size audience or can be performed using pictures especially if you have no immediate contact with the person you are trying to communicate with. Pictures that visibly change their color or physically modifies along the way to keeping a long stare at them or by following simple rules or instruction helps you baffle your friends and amaze them of your ingenuity. Optical Illusion is Magic Magic is based on optical illusion because it involves the use of deceitful tricks that tends to help you perform the unnatural. Some of the most famous illusionists of time like Harry Houdini perform magic using a technique called Peppers Ghost. In Peppers Ghost illusory technique, the use of glass fibers are perfectly positioned to create a hologram figure of the object you are trying to hide. Special effects and the use of black background are also critical to the performance of technique. In the late 1800s, Harry Houdini first performed his major magic trick in front of a large audience by making an elephant disappear and making if appear again according to his own willing. Since then, a lot of his contemporaries began making use of this type of strategy until it was patented in the late 1860. Magic is a type of Illusion You can hardly separate magic from optical illusion because the one is characteristic of the other. Magic involves the use of tricks that involve the quick hand and the use of colors and objects that seem to block the actual image of the main subject. Specific productions (magic types) are achieved which shadows the image of the main object being given attention to. For example, a glass of water that is apparently empty is actually lined with a clear material while the inside is stuff with material which you may show to your audience as a product of your magic (coins flowing from an empty bottle) when taken out. About the Author: Preston Houer has been involved with the art of illusion and sleight of hand for over 30 years. Let Preston show you how to Have Fun With Magic. Visit His Site Today! .www.have-fun-with-magic.com Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Arts-and-Entertainment Factors That Will Help To Revive Sales Of Flat In Kolkata By: AnujGupta – The sales of flat in Kolkata have seen a revival phase in the last couple of months. 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