Other people’s Aviation Division Hainan aviation business class -hu7976 Toronto – Beijing – Sohu Tec puritans pride

Other people’s Aviation Division: Hainan Airlines business class -HU7976 Toronto – Sohu – Science and technology statement: this journey for the author at his own expense experience, there is no exchange of interests with any form of Hainan airlines. The last trip to the New York Airlines business class has attracted a lot of discussion, and I was fortunate enough to be able to communicate with many of my friends about air services. In the discussion of travel notes, many netizens expressed their disappointment and expectations for the flag. But among them, there are also a part of the net friend and I have diametrically opposed views…… for example: the amount of my name how?????????????? Are you sure it’s the best? Aren’t you talking about other airlines??? What you’re describing is CA982! In desperation, air business class meals once again into the friendship… (>…

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