People’s Daily People’s Procuratorate of the people’s court to be included in the scope of supervisi demonophobia

People’s Daily: will the NPC and CPPCC court prosecutors into the scope of monitoring – Sohu news recently, the CPC Central Committee issued "on the Beijing City, Shanxi Province, Zhejiang province to carry out the national supervision system reform pilot program", the release of political reform is the fundamental political system reform a major positive state. "One head to move, dial 10 Fen and as the change", "restructuring" state supervision pilot line, will be affecting the national governance system reform and the rule of fusion depth of epoch-making change. In particular, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "the overall rule of law, is the core of the leadership of the party, the people in power law unification." From the "program", the state supervision system reform shows the "three unification" of China’s political development road self-confidence, has great strategic significance and far-reaching historical significance. To strengthen national supervision "restructuring" is on the party’s supervision, but also to the leadership of the party. To deepen the reform of national supervision system, its goal is to establish a unified party under the leadership of the national anti-corruption work mechanism, the system of Party committee, discipline inspection and supervision committee office, its essence is to strengthen and improve the leadership of the party. Comrade Deng Xiaoping pointed out: "the Constitution provides for the leadership of the party, the party should lead well,…… To be supervised, we must expand the democratic life of the party and the state." Combined with the new situation, we can say "several criteria" about the political life of the party under the new situation is to follow the fundamental political life of the party, the state supervision of "restructuring" opened a new realm to expand the state of democratic life. Especially in the current basic full coverage of supervision within the party, the NPC and CPPCC, the court and the procuratorate into the scope of inspection, inspection of state officials to achieve full coverage of the exercise of public power; if the former is to realize "the party discipline" tube, the latter is to strengthen the legal management of all". This "two full coverage" to eliminate the power vacuum supervision, compression power subject of "willful space", is the fundamental strategy to prevent the leadership of the party, the weakening of dwarf corruption degeneration. The national inspection agency new will be produced by the people’s Congress, legal effect and political effect highlights the real people’s right of supervision. According to the constitution, all power belongs to the people of People’s Republic of China, the National People’s Congress and local people’s congresses of the people exercise state power organs, the people’s Congress system is China’s fundamental political system. From the perspective of giving power relations, the new commission from government institutions to the executive organ of public opinion ", to get rid of the weak pattern of supervision departments, improve the symmetry of the subject and object of supervision. For the evaluation from the effectiveness of supervision, "the new commission" should Congress can at the annual meeting of the annual report on accountability, oversight and accept supervision, efforts to increase supervision of state machine and the main body of the exercise before, in fact, also expand the National People’s Congress on the exercise of power and consideration the content of supervision. This is the endogeneity of the people’s Congress system reform, but also the connotation of the people’s democratic dictatorship state system optimization. As general secretary Xi Jinping said: adhere to the rule of law must adhere to the rule of law." Produced by the National People’s Congress相关的主题文章:

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