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"Princess disease" to subvert the domestic drama network homemade drama full victory – Sohu   entertainment; "dear princess," the prince disease celebration scene, click to enter [molested Knight bear HD Photo]     Sohu by Sohu entertainment news video, Vicki smile combined, in director Qi Wei. As artistic director of the network drama "dear princess," [opera] disease in September 30th will be officially closed, staged the final outcome. As the summer horse, the netizen joked "toxic" barrage drama king, is a subversion of the domestic drama is not down to earth style, a new way of defining the idol of love theme, many in the industry view, "dear princess," network platform for disease development, drama production has brought the change of milepost type. The routine type classic story full of freshness of conscience light group was netizens praised the "dear princess disease" in video Sohu recently officially ending, 500 million player and 1 billion network topics, is to let the domestic drama summer horse lock 2016 "popular throne". Insiders when watching the play, also said "dear princess," disease concern heat, has won many traditional broadcast platform idol drama. "Honey," Princess disease has been able to become the summer of this year’s surprise, largely lies in its unique style will be out of the ordinary, traditional idol drama "combination of beautiful people" to subvert, but it brings more wonderful chemical reaction. Even in the eyes of many young users, "dear princess," disease is more than pretty and funny, even "toxic" and "hot eyes", these words or even become a distinctive label this domestic idol drama. In the network, there are numerous "tap water", the audience fans, in warm Amway this personalized domestic Idol: "dear princess disease" this drama do really is toxic, women took two female script, heart God Tucao, never seen such a sexy bitch, completely out of the ordinary the heroine, "dear princess disease" put my soul blow out fag hag, the story is really toxic ah, the anti idol drama repertoire!" And recognized the most discerning independent critics "tongue film" is the praise of "dear princess disease" is "three is the best idol drama", attracted many users praise. The layout of "space into" marketing warfare "dear princess disease", and eventually became a barrage of drama "dear king, Princess disease" was first put forward the "2.5 dimensional idol drama" new concept, and the team will play the role into more lovely and intuitive "cartoon characters", opened a new model of idol drama. It is understood that the "dear princess," Sohu disease video on-line promotion stage of marketing strategy, can be described as "the overall layout, online hard wide delivery, Sohu chose Beijing, Shanghai national video, Guangzhou nearly more than 20 key city subway advertising, bus stop, airport big screen etc., really to achieve" strong scale of heaven and earth ", firmly grasp the potential user groups; at the same time," dear princess, "online is a disease.相关的主题文章:

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