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Pu Jinhui was asked to step down whether people crossed this bridge – political cronies stem Sohu news local time on October 31st, Seoul, South Korea, South Korean President Park Geun Hye bestie Cui Shunshi suspected of "intervention" by prosecutors summoned to Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office for investigation. Figure China vision of South Korean President Park Geun hye politics scandal continues to ferment cronies, to survey the event actress Cui Shunshi in October 31st by the prosecution subpoena. Before being questioned, Cui Shunshi told reporters bluntly, his "committed unforgivable crimes". The Korean media reported that Pu Jinhui this week may accept South Korea’s ruling party proposed "neutral cabinet", replacing the current prime minister, and on Sunday the Chong Wa Dae has a big shake, the Chief Secretary of five collective class. However, the current South Korean people asked to resign Park Geun hye has not diminished, even opposition members said Pu Jinhui was involved in behind the scenes cronies Sade into the Korean decision process. Then, with the judicial investigation, trusted intervention whether the event will continue to expose the new insider? In, park Geun hye trusted "intervention" can be crossed this bridge, will be like the president of the Republic of Korea that served as wanjiebubao? Why do personnel adjustment? South Korean media crisis, according to South Korean media reported on October 31st, President Pu Jinhui or replace prime minister this week. South Korea’s ruling party said on Sunday that they had strongly urged the establishment of a "national neutral cabinet" that the ruling party and the opposition party unanimously agreed to appoint a new prime minister. Because the dry political events intensified, President Pu Jinhui on Sunday through the restructuring of the office of the president, a major adjustment of staff, eight core staff resignation, including senior secretary for policy coordination President An Zhongfan, he was charged with the protagonist Cui Shunshi teamed up to corporate pressure, forcing them to Shunshi Cui donation fund. "The resignation of these people is the scapegoat, Pu Jinhui after the reorganization of the government, replacing the leadership of the Chong Wa Dae, out of the woods, in the past, the South Korean President crisis operation is so." Central Party School South Korea expert Professor Zhang Liangui told the Beijing News reporter. Although the full Park Geun hye to eliminate the adverse effects caused by this matter, but its popularity has dropped to a record low. South Korea pollster Gallup South Korea announced in October 28th survey, the South Korean people to President Park Geun hye’s support rate was 17% and the lowest record since taking office, especially her presidential speech Shunshi Cui review a apologize to the people after the support rate was down to 14%. The poll is so bleak, because the residents over 60 years old, Daegu Park Geun hye loyalists and Gyeongbuk also left her, the people of Seoul is all gathered in the Gwanghwamun Sejong statue before Park Geun Hye way. Lady living in Seoul Park excitedly told the Beijing News reporter said, now the national park must step down and become what her election is a tragedy, she had no political concept, is that one family surnamed Cui at the mercy of her. Not only did the young people feel angry, but even the old voters who supported her expressed disappointment at her. How Cui Shunshi bestie status? To accept the prosecution questioning maple相关的主题文章:

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