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Home-Schooling Teacher or an instructor can explain a concept to a student but without knowing the level of understanding of the student it would be inappropriate to move to the next level , hence in Order to asses the understanding of the student test are being constructed but the regular long format of test will make the student to focus more on the test rather than the actual concept itself. It also drains them and will create more stress even at a very early age for them. As an alternative to the regular test formats these short quizzes can be of great help in making the students to concentrate more on the subject matters rather than the test itself , besides reduces the stress of the students. Also in these kind of one word quizzes the results can be obtained very swiftly as soon as the quiz is .pleted , that will better help the students to asses themselves and correct the mistakes they have done at the latest. Added to this quizzes can be re-taken to make sure that the students learn the required material rather than focusing solely on the test. This .puter age has modified most of the technologies and strategies that we adopted a decade back and way of conduction test to asses the level of students is a no exception. Most of the universities and colleges have started to have an online course ware. And we need to assess the progress of those students who attend this online course ware and these online quizzes can be of great help in this regard. By repeating the key ideas of lecture in the online quizzes we not only make the students to keep in mind of that fact but also make them to individually understand and analyze the key point. Most of the leading educationalist insist on the fact that learning will reap its true benefit when the matter what they study is close to the people . Online quizzes help these students to correct their individual errors by giving him an instant feedback. This makes the personal learning experience a more fruitful and effective one. When online quizzes are attended by the students he will get perfect explanations for the wrong answers he has written and there is no need to search for wrong answers here and there. The most important advantage that distinguish online .puter quiz from other part of quiz is they provide flexibility and convenience. All that is required to attend an online quiz is a desktop/ laptop with an internet connection. And these quiz can be attempted by the students at any time. Audio and video elements can be added to this quiz that will make it more interesting for the students which cannot be incorporated in traditional assessments. Still long tests will help in estimating the .plete understanding of the students in final exams but short quizzes can be used for assessing the students during short intervals of time. This strategy will not only help the students to understand and concentrate on the concepts better but also relieve the exam stress from them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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