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Internet-and-Business-Online Both new and those with experience in the Network Marketing industry have a sense that something is…different about Qivana when they first discover it. Not because Qivana is one of those opportunities that everyone one knows has to be a scam, but because Qivana is a legitimate opportunities that offers potential to their distributors to earn the in.e that they desire. Qivana has actually in pre-launch since March 1, 2009, and is expected to officially launch in September or October of 2009. Qivana states that their vision is to show you that there are other paths that you can take in your life to achieve any thing that you want to. You just have to be willing to work for it. Imagine somebody that is climbing a mountain. They do not make it to the top instantly. The climber works for it, step by step. The climber will switch from focusing all of their attention to each and every step to focusing their attention to their ultimate goal- the summit. Every step adds meaning to the journey. This is how Network Marketers should view their journey to achieve their goals also. When you first start to climb the mountain, you are taking action for a reason. You know the direction that you want to go in your life. You want to go "up" in wealth, you want to go "up" to having more time to spend, and finally you want to go "up" in the amount of freedom that you have. Qivana nor any other Network Marketing .pany can hand you your success. You have to work for it and earn it. But once you do work for your freedom, time, and financial freedom it will feel overwhelmingly rewarding to be on top of your mountain. After it is all said and done, you will enjoy the abundant harvest while you are looking down at what all you have ac.plished. Even though Qivana and other mlm .panies do not just hand you money for you doing no work, Qivana does still stand out from several other multi-level marketing .apnies. Here is how… Qivana claims that they are "the first network marketing .pany to put you, the Independent Business Owner (IBO), at the center of everything". In my opinion, this is one thing that Qivana said that I do not agree all the way with. I can not say that I agree with this statement fully. Yes Qivana does put their distributors first, but when they said that they were the first .pany to do this they were kind of hyping up their .pany. I know of other multi-level marketing .panies that also value their distributors as much as Qivana does. Even though Qivana kind of hyped this statement up, I do still respect the way that Qivana is presenting their opportunity and the focus of their .apny, which is on its distributors. Lets get into the leaders of Qivana that made everything happen. The five founders include Derek Hall- Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Rodney James- Founder and Chief Sales Officer, Devin Glazier- Founder and Chief Financial Officer, Justin Banner- Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, and Craig Johanson, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. The founders of Qivana have dedicated numerous years of their life to the Network Marketing Industry. These five have done everything in this industry from selling products to achieving leadership positions in other .panies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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