Scholars from both sides in the new network on the imperial examination system in Kinmen

Study of the imperial examination system in the Golden Gate Strait scholars Beijing – China News Agency, Taipei in September 30, after more than a year of deliberation and preparation of the imperial examination system in September 29th the Golden Gate "seminar to 30 at Golden Gate University held in Taiwan. Kinmen is flourishing style known, according to county and local genealogy records, song, Ming and Qing three generations of a total of more than 50 successful candidates. The number of Jinshi, high density, make the study of the imperial examination system Chinese Taiwan experts much praise. The study was sponsored by the Kinmen County Bureau of culture, National Cheng Kung University Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, jointly organized by the Chinese Literature Department of Golden Gate University, Beijing city of Taiwan compatriots, the Chinese World magazine with. Led a delegation to attend the seminar in Beijing, Kinmen and Taiwan compatriots Association vice president Zheng Da said that the seminar set together experts and scholars from all walks of life on both sides, provides ideas and Countermeasures for Kinmen imperial culture mining, research, protection, inheritance and innovation development, add new meaning for Chinese culture, is of great significance to promote cross strait academic exchange. The organizers invited the China Federation of Taiwan compatriots, President of Fujian Normal University professor Wang Yifu keynote speech. More than 40 on both sides of the imperial examination system research scholars gathered in a seminar on issues related to the imperial examination system, published research results. Kinmen County deputy magistrate Wu Chengdian lamented Kinmen Jinshi, but has not been given due respect. It is understood that the Kinmen County is planning to Jinsha mayor four kilometers of Gaoyang road to create a "imperial Avenue", show the life story of Kinmen Jinshi, let the tourists visit the famous pilgrimage, the great influential man. The academic seminar also arranged a co chaired by Chen Yiyuan, distinguished professor of Golden Gate University Chinese department director Tang Huiyun of the "imperial cultural cooperation forum of Fujian and taiwan. Experts and scholars have expressed their views on both sides of the Strait, looking forward to more in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the future. In addition, sponsored by the Kinmen County Cultural Bureau, Beijing Tailian, Center for Humanities and Social Science University organized the Kinmen ancient cultural relics exhibition opening in Kinmen Jinshi "Zhu Xi Temple 29, exhibition history scholars list (the size of Jin Bang), title, papers and other cultural relics stele rubbings. Wang pointed out that the exhibition, hoping to arouse interest and interest in traditional culture on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, promote cross-strait cultural exchanges and cooperation, deepen the understanding and integration of the two people in the history and culture. The opening ceremony of the exhibition, Zheng also on behalf of the Beijing Municipal Cultural Bureau to Kinmen County TSU presented "seventeen years of Ming Dynasty Jinshi Title A stele rubbings. It is reported that the exhibition will continue until October 30th. (end)相关的主题文章:

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