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Shanghai thorough investigation of divorce mortgage business – Sohu News newspaper news (reporter Cheng Jie) Shanghai bank will strengthen the risk management of personal loans. The day before, the Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau issued the "notice on further strengthening of individual housing credit risk management" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), requiring commercial banks to strictly enforce the jurisdiction of the real estate market regulation policy, strengthen the risk management of personal housing loan. "Notice" requirements, the jurisdiction of the commercial banks in accordance with the policies applied by the city "principle, the strict implementation of the real estate loan regulation requirements and regulatory policies, strictly implement differentiated individual housing credit policy, strict implementation of individual housing loans the minimum down payment ratio and credit limit and other requirements. For some borrowers use consumer loan funds as a down payment of the phenomenon, the "notice" requirements, the jurisdiction of the commercial banks to strictly enforce the Shoufu funds authenticity inspection requirements. Improve the means of review, strict review of the borrower’s first payment source of funds. To prevent the borrower through personal consumer loans, personal business loans, credit card overdrafts, P2P, small loan companies, real estate development companies, real estate intermediary channels such as illegal access to personal housing loan down payment funds, trust companies and other channels may not use directly or indirectly for all types of institutions issuing the down payment loan fund. "Notice" requirements, the jurisdiction of the commercial banks to strictly audit the borrower’s credit record. Make full use of various types of credit and information sharing platform, the borrower’s integrity and other related information query. To further improve the individual housing loan contract and loan management, increase the corresponding provisions in the contract, to be bound by all kinds of bad faith behavior. If the applicant is in his line of inquiry of personal housing loan credit records act, to further understand whether an applicant is not true, repeated application materials to apply for individual housing loans, he did not pass the audit and the reasons for such loans, strict examination and approval. Overdue record over a certain number of times, or the history of overdue time, the larger the amount of the borrower, strictly prudent loans. For the proof of income of "water" and other irregularities, the "notice" requirements, the jurisdiction of the commercial bank to strengthen the solvency of the borrower’s review. Careful assessment of the borrower’s willingness to repay, repayment ability, strict control of the borrower’s housing loans monthly expenditure and income ratio, the ratio of all debt expenditure and income. For family or personal frequent income transparency is low, income fluctuations, property changes caused by various reasons, to strictly audit all of its debt payments and repayment of income, especially income and often the first source of repayment etc.. "Notice" also demands that effective measures should be taken to strengthen the borrower qualification and income authenticity review, to circumvent the restriction, credit limit and other relevant provisions of the borrower, in accordance with the principle of prudent operation strictly review. The principle should be based on strict evaluation of the repayment ability of the borrower family as a unit, to strengthen the common reimbursement, divorced, the division of property in the examination, the strict examination of common people before repayment spouses, adult children, parents (both sides), and divorced both division of property is not clear the loan business. In the second-hand housing transactions, the behavior of the Shanghai real estate intermediary will also be constrained in the future. "Notice.相关的主题文章:

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