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College-University Residents of the Sunshine State who are interested in shipyard careers have some great Florida trade schools from which to choose. Florida has ship fitting vocational training that prepares graduates to begin careers building ships. Ship fitting, which involves laying out, fabricating and positioning bulkheads and plates inside a ship’s hull prior to riveting or welding, is an in-demand technical career in need of skilled workers. What Skills Are Learned Students enrolled in ship fitting vocational training learn a variety of skills designed to turn them into professional maritime welders and ship fitters. The programs are not for everyone, and those who enroll are expected to give much of their time and effort to learning their trade. Studies involve a .bination of classroom instruction and hands-on training, both in labs and working in actual shipyards. Training is rigorous and intense, much like the actual job. Students learn many skills including: – Blueprint Reading – Construction Math – Material Layout and Positioning – Iron Working – Maritime Safety – Lift Planning – Metal Preparation and Fabrication In addition to these skills, students learn a variety of arc welding techniques such as gas metal, gas tungsten, shielded metal and flux core. Students learn these skills and how to apply them to the ship fitting process. Trained ship fitters are expected to be dedicated to quality and safety on the job. One mistake in reading a blueprint or using an incorrect welding technique can result in disaster once a ship is at sea. Maritime education is unique in that it’s critical to get only the best students possessing the highest of work ethics. Length of Training Programs Most Florida trade schools teaching ship fitting have programs lasting a minimum of 16 weeks. Students can choose to live off-campus or take advantage of the modern, .fortable facilities of some schools. Many maritime education schools offer students advanced training facilities equipped with the latest in welding and ship building technology. Students are given opportunities within lab time to work on ships and off-shore platforms, giving them additional chances to test their skills while gaining confidence in their abilities to handle various on-the-job situations. Ship Fitting Careers Ship fitting careers are some of the fastest-growing careers in the world. The need for quality fabrication and craftsmanship has never been greater. As technology continues to advance, maritime ship fitting is gaining in popularity. Students in these programs learn to be both efficient and proficient. No two welding jobs, no matter how similar they may seem, are .pletely alike. Students who learn this are better able to create metal structures built to exact specifications. Students exploring this career option should check out several schools, all the while looking for certain criteria to be met. Accreditation is a must for any reputable school, and maritime schools are no different. The best ones are usually accredited by the following .anizations: – American Welding Society – American Petroleum Institute – National Center for Construction, Education and Research Florida residents interested in this career have many schools from which to choose, all offering in-depth training in a variety of areas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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