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Personal-Tech Apple .puter, Inc sold about three hundred thousand iPads on its very first day, when it was launched. After several hours of waiting in the long line and after paying for the ipad now I own one of them. The iPad is a great gadget at present, with even more possibility in the future. It can’t be considered as a replacement for the laptop, but it is perfect for frequent travelers and entrepreneurs. Due to its five important features, it turns to be an exceptional business tablet PC: 1) Size: It is 10 / 8 in dimensions, half an inch thick, weighs 1.5 pounds, you can also purchase a handy case to protect it from scratches. It will perfectly fit in a small bag. You can also travel with it and leave your laptop. 2) Speed: The iPad operates quite fast. Applications open and close faster than some other Apple mobile devices. The internet connection speed of this device is amazing and website pages open quickly. 3) Usability: The iWorks suite has 3 applications: Numbers, Keynote and Pages. Macintosh users are familiar with these, while Windows OS users have Excel, Powerpoint and Word. The iWorks applications can save for macintosh programs or other .petitive formats and may be sent through the Apple iWork site, email or synchronizing the iPad to a PC. 4) Applications: The Apple iPad consist of about three thousand applications and through these applications, you can make your business run smoother. 5) Battery life: Without any doubt, the Apple iPad bears extraordinary battery life. It may unceasingly play multimedia for approximately ten hours on 1 charge. But it does take time to charge. Some points to keep in mind: 1) Protection: analysis shows that the Apple iPhone was among the tender mobile devices. The iPad apparently utilized the design of the iPhone, but Apple .puter, Inc has been silent on how security systems have been enhanced on the fresh gadget. If you frequently work with delicate issues then you have to hold back till more security features .es to the surface. 2) Price: A 16 GB wi-fi enabled iPad costs nearly $500. 3) Problem of the Adobe Flash: Flash is stretching out the window, but it even a great .ponent for several websites. 4) Multitasking missing: The device can perform only one application at a time. Intel states that the multitasking problems will be fixed within few months. 5) Ports missing: There is no printer or USB port. Still this device is best for travelers and entrepreneurs. This iPad review is based on self-experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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