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Business So, you have a great idea for an app and would like to know how to turn that idea it into a reality? Youre not a developer, so what next? First of all it matters who you are, if youve not already read what to look for in app development companies you can do so here; Still, there are many questions that remain unanswered, like What should I do next? Can you walk me though the process? and What are the stages? Turning a good idea into a great iPhone app requires some planning. Dont start looking around for developers until you know exactly what it is you need, youll risk getting influenced and distracted by others. You know what you want already so premature Googling will result only in added confusion. Know that the resources you need are only a click away, but come prepared to the marketplace. First of all, create a project folder, preferably one you can easily share with iPhone app developers over the Internet*. Break it down so that you can walk through the process with others. When the time is right youll want to connect with iPhone app developers who can help you turn your app idea into a real live app in the App Store. The most important thing is when. Not how or why but when. Thats the part you control, so focus on this. Once youve got yourself a project folder, it should contain: A clear written description of your idea or concept Design preferences (if any) such as general look and feel Functional breakdown, detailing each viewable page and what it does Scheduled delivery dates and project milestones (allowing 12 weeks) Revenue model (disclosed or otherwise) A Marketing Plan detailing your target market An NDA (not advised if collaborating on an equity split project) Pricing comparison table, detailing hourly rates and/or fixed cost Referral of works Agreement & Terms When it does, go to ..iFindiPhone.. and connect with iPhone App Developers! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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