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"Summer sweetheart" ending ceremony star studded   fans chanted Zhang Yixing – Shandong Channel – original title: "summer sweetheart" ending ceremony star fans chanted Zhang Yixing September 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wu Yaxiong) ten next Saturday night, large Hunan TV variety girl groups "summer sweetheart" will usher in the final the ending, sweetheart after nearly three months of "dream of the road", "Hunan TV variety first anchor group" lineup will thus uncover the mystery, but in order to shake this moment to witness the great in strength and impetus the program group of related members announced, ending a period of the star lineup of guests, in addition to "I am a singer" in the big coffee and days of entertainment stars will gather anecdotal, even with mango deep roots in the "Changsha little pride" Zhang Yixing will also show dance Pro airborne scene Technology, help ten strong honey for the final race". "Summer" sweetheart "closing ceremony" at the star studded gathered a large coffee as a 90 tailor-made variety, since the launch of Hunan satellite TV variety, large girl groups "summer sweetheart" spirit of "to create the future of mango variety successors" the purpose, by virtue of the new innovation program mode, through the game of coexistence diversified and interesting, full 360 degree mining 31 sweetheart variety to the mass transfer potential, young 90 unique to the positive energy of youth. Because of this, in the mode of X power and new fresh guest elements introduced in the program group on Star guests the choice also conforms to the strong voice of the audience of fans, after Zhao Zhongxiang + Jacky Wu + easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi, Chen Xuedong, Wong Cho Lam, Shao Gang Zhang + William Chan + Li Jing these quite novel combinations of collocation. In the latest film, Liu Ye, Ran Yingying, Mickey Huang, Yu Haoming, Ji Jie, Phoebe Huang, Shang Wenjie, Su Yunying, Shen Mengchen, Liang Tian, Joey Yung, Deng man, Huang Qishan, Ai Fei, Lee Stanes, Zhu Zixiao and other stars have also been identified in "summer sweetheart" final "sweetheart festival", witness the birth of variety female anchor ". Witness the birth of variety female anchor "," Changsha little pride "or Zhang Yixing will help the airborne as everyone knows in addition to a variety of potential, good control and the ability to control field and fluent eloquence, can sing and dance" is one of the essential skills for a variety of female anchor ". As in the EXO dance play, since the last recorded "happy camp", and mango deep roots in the "Changsha little pride" Zhang Yixing will attend Hunan TV another show "summer sweetheart" ending the war the news can be heard without end in the market. Not only sing and dance well, also superb acting, "summer sweetheart" to train "variety female anchor" and Zhang Yixing’s "personal skills" very well, it’s no wonder why Zhang Yixing will become the most powerful candidate for the finale. For market rumors, "summer sweetheart" program group also said that the current published in "the sweetheart festival" the guest list is just a small part of the future and the large number of coffee to join, Zhang Yixing also invited guest list. (commissioning editor Liu Yingjie and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章:

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