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The patients with hypertension more than 2 people do not know their own illness Yibanshu original title: national hypertension patients more than 2 people do not know their own illness Yibanshu held in the city of Shijiazhuang to "know your blood pressure" National Hypertension Day campaign site. Hao Ye photo Beijing, Shijiazhuang, October 9, (Gao Hongchao Hao Ye) 8 days, "said know your blood pressure" campaign National Hypertension Day on 2016, the prevalence rate of adults aged 18 years and above China hypertension was 25.2%, an annual increase of about 10 million in the number of. At present, the number of hypertensive patients in the country has more than 200 million, but the awareness rate of hypertension is only about half of the people do not know their own illness, only 46.5%. The day is the nineteenth National Hypertension Day, the theme of propaganda is to know your blood pressure". Held in Hebei city in Shijiazhuang Province, the theme day campaign, the experts and scholars around the China epidemic situation of hypertension and hypertension, harm, prevention and treatment of hypertension and how to scientifically carry out science lectures, expert consultation. Data show that 2 million people die each year related to high blood pressure. Hebei People’s Hospital, vice president Guo Yifang revealed that China’s large base of patients with hypertension, most of them have not been effectively treated. "Hypertension is the main culprit causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, although hypertension can cause great harm, but most people don’t really realize the harm of it." At present, the prevention and treatment of hypertension is still at a low level. According to the national hypertension survey data show that the national awareness rate of hypertension was only 46.5%, the treatment rate was 41.1%, the control rate was 13.8%. Among them, Hebei province were 68.4%, 47.8%, 31.3%. Hebei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention said party secretary Zhang Jianxin, the current national prevention and control of hypertension are "three high" and "three low", "three" phenomenon, namely high morbidity, high fatalness, high growth trend; low awareness rate, low treatment rate and control rate is low; patients generally have not regular medication, to measure blood pressure, do not pay attention to the non drug treatment, and the incidence of hypertension is beginning to show the younger and younger age trend. How to further prevention and control of hypertension? Hebei Province Medical Association cardiovascular disease branch chairman Fu Xianghua believes that with the large number of hypertension education activities, people on the overall level of cognitive hypertension became darker, and gradually formed by self and family oriented and more accurate blood pressure management habits. Fu Xianghua said that the popularity of hypertension knowledge helps to deepen and promote the day after the prevention and control work, as much as possible to carry out promotional activities of hypertension can be largely from expert practice, social practice and family practice and other aspects of the prevention and treatment of hypertension to the new normal. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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