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"The Implication — Chinese painting art international tour return report exhibition debut Chinese Art Museum – Painting – original title:" the Implication — China painting art international tour return report exhibition debut China Museum National Art Fund project, "the Implication — Chinese painting art exhibition and international tour return report 2016 China National Academy of painting academy Exhibition Exhibition" 13 days in Chinese art museum. "The Implication — Chinese international oil painting art exhibition" in Paris, France 7 moon phase at China palace, the painting world overall, comprehensive display of contemporary China painting artistic achievements, by the French audience welcome and praise. Held in Chinese Gallery, the exhibition is the international tour of the exhibition to report to the domestic audience. The participating artists to Chinese researcher at the National Academy of Painting Institute as the main body, including some from the China painting world excellent oil paintings, 152 works on display, Zhan Jianjun, Jin Shangyi, Luo Zhongli quanshanshi and Yang Feiyun 62 artists. The exhibition is divided into three themes: the meaning of life, the thinking of humanity, the soul of the environment. The invitation exhibition of works in classical and exploratory principle, which reached a high level in the art of oil painting art quality and mastery of the language, and creative exploration in China embodied cultural spirit and social life in contemporary Chinese etc.. "Artists try to use different methods in the creation of oil painting into the traditional Chinese freehand painting elements, so that works with Chinese culture." China Central Academy of Fine Arts professor Shao Dazhen said, they are self concern at the same time, to make their own personality and social ideal of integration, rather than indulge in self-admiration, Zimingqinggao, with elegant artistic character and try to guide the public aesthetic taste. Exhibition also held the same period, the Chinese Implication – International Symposium on Chinese oil painting art, invited Chinese, French, German, British and American experts and scholars to carry out in-depth exchanges and discussions on art and ideology. (reporter Zhou Wei) (Lu Jing, Dong Zilong: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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