The man was killed after dinner last night, and the murderer fell into the French net after 10 years-innawoods

After dinner the evening man killed the murderer arrested after 10 years, 10 years ago, the villagers of Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County, Zhang Moumou was hit on the head with a club, died. 10 years, Fuxin police has not given up on the case investigation work. In September 22nd, close cooperation in Fuxin City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment and Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County Public Security Bureau, which successfully cracked the "2006.5.2 Zhang was a case of injury death". Was killed in late May 2, 2006 to eat about a friend, the victim Moumou about a few friends to eat at a restaurant. After dinner, Zhang Moumou to the hotel’s backyard take the car was killed. After the incident, the County Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to, immediately dispatched elite police task force composed, to carry out the case work. However, due to the complexity of social relations, to carry out a large number of investigators in the investigation and investigation work, and did not find valuable clues, so always unable to lock the suspect, detection deadlock. This year, the Fuxin Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment and County Public Security Bureau set up a joint task force, "2006.5.2 Moumou was the case of injury death" combs, the use of information technology means of investigation on this case for tackling again. In early July, the ad hoc group after a lot of careful Mopai, careful investigation, and found the victim Moumou village Wu Moumou suspicion. When Wu Moumou and Moumou with agate business rival, and many disputes and disputes, even once, because business disputes, Zhang Mou was discounted one arm, Wu moumou. Accordingly, the task force concluded, Wu Moumou Moumou revenge motive. Then, the task force on Wu Moumou to carry out investigation work. However, after a thorough and meticulous investigation, the panel found that the time of the incident, Wu Moumou did not appear in the scene. But it is dubious that gave Wu Moumou work white Moumou was on the second day of the disappeared. The suspect hiding for 10 years after the arrest accordingly, the task force will be transferred to the investigation direction of Bai Moumou body. City Public Security Bureau investigators use big data system to screen more than 200 with Bai Moumou identity similar to the people, eventually locked the target. In mid September, the ad hoc group Fuxin City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade deputy commander Xu Xiaofei led the arrest group to Inner Mongolia to carry out the work. In cooperation with related departments of the police, after a week of careful investigation, September 22nd at 13:30 PM, zhuabu in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of Tongliao city crime suspect Bai Moumou arrested. The suspect confessed certain white Wu Moumou ordered its holding sticks to hit the victim Moumou death crimes. 15:30 on September 22nd Xu, County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Deputy captain Zhou Jishuang led another group to arrest the suspect Moumou arrested.

男子晚间聚餐后被人打死 凶手10年后落入法网 10年前,阜新蒙古族自治县村民张某某被人用棍棒击中头部,抢救无效死亡。10年间,阜新警方始终没有放弃对案件的侦查工作。9月22日,阜新市公安局刑侦支队与阜新蒙古族自治县公安局密切合作,从而成功破获了“2006.5.2张某某被伤害致死案”。约朋友吃饭被打身亡2006年5月2日晚,被害人张某某约了几个朋友去饭店吃饭。饭后,张某某去饭店的后院取车时被人打死。案件发生后,县公安局高度重视,立即抽调精干警力组成专案组,全力开展案件侦破工作。然而,由于受害人社会关系复杂,侦查员在开展大量的走访调查、排查工作后,并没有发现有价值的线索,因此始终无法锁定犯罪嫌疑人,侦破工作陷入僵局。今年,阜新市公安局刑侦支队与县公安局成立联合专案组,对“2006.5.2张某某被伤害致死案”重新梳理,利用信息化侦查手段再次对此案进行攻坚。7月上旬,专案组经过大量细致摸排、缜密侦查,发现与被害人张某某同村的吴某某有重大嫌疑。吴某某当年与张某某同做玛瑙生意,互为竞争对手,并多次发生争执和纠纷,甚至有一次,因为生意纠纷,张某某竟打折了吴某某的一只胳膊。据此,专案组推断,吴某某有报复张某某的作案动机。随即,专案组围绕吴某某开展调查工作。然而,经过深入细致的调查后,专案组发现,案发时,吴某某并没有在现场出现过。但可疑的是,曾给吴某某打工的白某某却在案发的第二天消失。嫌犯隐匿10年后落网据此,专案组又将调查的方向转移到白某某的身上。侦查员利用市公安局大数据系统对200余名与白某某身份特征相似的人进行筛查,最终锁定了目标。9月中旬,专案组派阜新市公安局刑侦支队副支队长徐晓飞带领抓捕组前往内蒙古开展工作。在相关警种部门的大力配合下,经过一周的缜密侦查,9月22日13时30分许,抓捕组在内蒙古自治区通辽市将犯罪嫌疑人白某某抓获。犯罪嫌疑人白某某供述了吴某某指使其持棍棒击打被害人张某某致死的犯罪事实。9月22日15时30分许,县公安局刑侦大队副大队长周吉双带领另一个抓捕组将犯罪嫌疑人吴某某缉拿归案。相关的主题文章:

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