The resignation of Dong Mingzhu GREE chairman behind or by the reform of State-owned Enterprises Lim-e3300

The resignation of Dong Mingzhu GREE chairman behind or by the state-owned enterprise reform limited An Lifen Guangzhou reported reading "according to the new provisions of the SASAC, the Organization Department of cadre management, is not eligible to hold." This is the bottom line of SOE reform, the purpose is to prevent the loss of state-owned assets and state-owned capital. November 11th, the market came to Dong Mingzhu in late October was removed from the GREE Group Chairman, director, legal representative duties. On the evening of the same day, GREE official responded that the relevant provisions of the state, "Dong Zong and I will resign based on GREE Group Chairman, still continue to serve as GREE’s chairman and President, focus on promoting the development of GREE electric appliances. This is a normal change in the work, the Zhuhai SASAC will continue to support the work of." Twenty-first Century economic news reporter found GREE group business information found that its legal representative is still Dong Mingzhu, has not changed. Combined with the analysis of the state owned Assets Supervision Commission of Zhuhai, as well as the analysis of domestic enterprises, Dong Mingzhu resigned as chairman of GREE group, there are two major identity conflict. One is according to the SASAC and ESOP views, the leaders of state-owned enterprises can not participate in the state-owned shareholding; two is according to the new Zhuhai state policies and relevant provisions of the Guangdong province and the relevant provisions of the Commission, the listed company and the group should be in personnel, assets and financial "three open". Up to now, the new chairman of GREE group has not yet announced candidates. A: the leaders of state-owned enterprises shall not conflict held in August this year, the reform of state-owned enterprises as one of the "1+N" supporting documents, the SASAC of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance and the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued "on the state-owned holding enterprises of mixed ownership pilot ESOP views" (hereinafter referred to as the "pilot opinions"). Who can participate in the ESOP pilot opinions clearly, staff should work for stakes in key positions and have a direct or greater impact on the company’s operating performance and sustainable development of scientific research personnel, management personnel and the backbone of the business, and the company signed a labor contract. State owned enterprise leaders appointed by the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the local Party committees, governments and their departments and institutions shall not hold shares. Outside directors and supervisors (including supervisors on behalf of employees) are not involved in employee stock ownership. If the immediate family of many people in the same business, only one person holding." "A new round of ESOP is limited to the middle management staff below (including general staff), Dong Mingzhu is the chairman of GREE group, according to the new provisions of the SASAC, the organization department management cadre, is not eligible to hold." Guangzhou, a state-owned listed company executives on twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said that this is the bottom line of SOE reform, the purpose is to prevent the loss of state assets and state-owned capital. In September 23rd, GREE announced the ESOP (subscription issue this supporting) revised, Dong Mingzhu invested 937 million yuan to subscribe for the employee stock ownership plan, the amount of capital contribution for the ESOP 39.52%, the subscription price of 17.07 yuan shares, the acquisition of Zhuhai to participate in the relevant recruitment silver long 100% stake in matching funds. The general meeting of shareholders on October 28th, as too Mu Lei相关的主题文章:

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