The three anniversary of The Belt and Road Construction open up a new network of the common developm soojin

"The three anniversary of The Belt and Road Construction: open up the common development of the huge space – Beijing, China News Agency, Xi’an, September 26 (reporter Tian Jin)" International Symposium on The Belt and Road "held in Xi’an 26," "three anniversary of The Belt and Road" construction progress report "(hereinafter referred to as the" report ") published in the meeting. The "report" that hand in hand "Chinese Belt and Road Initiative countries and regions along the Silk Road to build a green, healthy Silk Road, silk road, intellectual peace Silk Road, has injected new impetus to the growth of the countries and regions, opened up a huge space for common development. The report was released by Liu Wei, President of Renmin University of China. He introduces, Renmin University of China has research "The Belt and Road" along the more than and 30 countries and regions, for three years of progress in the construction of The Belt and Road "analysis and study. The "report" pointed out that in three years, "The Belt and Road" building from scratch, from point to surface, has made considerable progress, from the top-level design, communication facilities, policy Unicom, trade flow, financing and other aspects of the people connected to have achieved remarkable results, has formed the country jointly sharing cooperation. "Infrastructure" in Belt and Road Initiative ‘construction and development, play a leading role." Liu Wei said. The "report" shows that in three years, China continue to accelerate the development of the The Belt and Road along the country’s transportation infrastructure construction, has opened 39 central trains, has gradually formed a transportation infrastructure network connection between the sub regions of Asia, Africa and europe. At the same time, China’s energy infrastructure to further accelerate the pace of output. From October 2013 to the end of June 2016, signed by the Chinese state-owned enterprises in overseas and the construction of power plants, transmission and oil and natural gas and other major energy projects up to 40, involving 19 "The Belt and Road along the country. The "report" shows that as of the end of June, Chinese has with 104 countries along signed bilateral investment agreements, established a joint committee on economic and trade cooperation mechanism and cooperation mechanism to promote investment. China of The Belt and Road "national investment totaled $51 billion 100 million, total foreign direct investment over the same period accounted for 12%. At the turn of the country is a blind date." Liu Wei said, Chinese actively inherit and carry forward the Silk Road spirit of friendly cooperation, with the "The Belt and Road along the countries and regions to carry out extensive cultural exchange activities, also lay a solid foundation of public opinion" The Belt and Road construction. (end)相关的主题文章:

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