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Tiger eat people event: a detailed shot outside the monitor to make people want to cry the original title: tiger eat people in the event, a detailed shot outside the camera to make people want to cry… This has been tempted to her mother, with the right hand on the tiger, what is the mood…… Remember the northeast tiger killed the incident Beijing Badaling wild zoo? After a period of rectification, today (25) morning, it opened the recovery. Er…… Is in fact a half recovery. Because of the accident of the Siberian Tiger Park will be suspended off the beast area also suspended driving. The Internet News said that the bite of the tiger will not be executed, but may be permanently captive. The news spread, a lot of friends for the tiger "lost freedom". This would also like to know the truth, then contact the park. The other told ring, the Siberian Tiger Park is temporarily closed, the aim is to reform with the beast area. At the same time, all the Northeast tigers, including tiger bite will be temporarily in captivity, but not online said "life imprisonment". Park also said that although the tiger was temporarily captive, but has its own activity space. Just now, visitors can not in the beast area of self driving tour, take the park tour, "of such things, we also need to carry on the management to the zoo". As for when to return to normal, it is not easy to say. Just yesterday, "7· 23" tiger survey report of casualties caused by tourists officially released, eat melon masses attention, all of a sudden from Baoqiang Wang and Song Xiaobao divorce derailed, pulled back to the afternoon a month ago. At 15 pm on July 23rd 07, Tiger Park North gate distance to export 19 meters on the road, a car suddenly white Jetta car parked in the road. Sitting in the driver’s side of the woman, regardless of the staff to discourage smoking off, and then a terrible scene! Video: with the advent of the surveillance video, why Zhao insisted on her husband to get off, why the car returned to the car, eventually drowning in the jaws of death in older women is Zhao’s mother or mother-in-law, these have been highly concerned about public opinion. Well, the second woman to get off should be her mother…… Others do not dare to get off, after all, there are other tigers…… Ah, just colleagues to discuss the tiger wounding incident, the boss of the office asked the rescue is not her mother, we are ha ha…… This is the only lay down his life to save the mother dry out okay…… When the mother will certainly pull his son not to save his wife by way of a halo…… With a joke to get off the good life! Yesterday, the Party announced the 4000 word of the investigation report, found in the wrong tourists, reduce the responsibility of the park, but also the details of the incident, especially the exposure of many surveillance cameras did not capture the details. These shocking words, let Speechless choke ring: ring has bother to think, the gas big Zhao why want to get off. This has been tempted to her mother, with the right hand on the tiger, what is the mood…… Alas, poor parents…相关的主题文章:

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