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Software In the world of fast paced technology advancement, several innovations have been brought in to make the time attendance software even more effective and powerful in monitoring employee working hours, and ensuring better control. One of the major developments has been made in the way of integrating facial recognition with time attendance application, ensuring indisputable personal verification. This advanced system not only provides superior speed but also ensure enhanced security, and effective employee management and control. Facial recognition Time Attendance Software application is a standard, camera and attendance software that enrolls and verifies employees, stores the records of their face, and maintains log and interface with multiple computers. The employee in and out time is toed as a soft data, reducing the drudgery and monotony of manual data entry, maintaining attendance register, minimizing monthly requirements of swipe keys or punch cards for traditional time clocks. No hassles of remembering passwords, no wasting time in signing in at central location; simply show your face while enter and exit, and the in and out time will recorded automatically. Key Features The essential features of facial recognition time attendance software are mentioned herewith: Provides visual view of face detection Automatic visual view of the video input Records work hours, overtime, and tardiness absence by employees, for user defined time periods Accurate and speedier face verification Easy to use and simple graphics interface Voice alerts during the system operation Provides all details pertaining to history, enrolled, and suspect view Facilitates data export facility, coordinating with other systems like payroll, ERP, etc. Allows the manager to modify time attendance data With the increasing issues of clock padding, buddy punching and normal inaccuracy in recording time, with error prone and time-consuming manual time capturing systems, facial recognition time attendance software has evolved to be the ideal solution for accurate and irrefutable attendance verification and access authentication. However, it get it installed on your computer system, here are certain software specifications that will make your job easier. Software Specifications Generic video interface (Win 32 API) Facial Recognition customizable engine User Management / Time Zones Real time facial detection Enhanced matching mechanism Real time facial matching Fully customable Time Attendance Time Attendance feature Log Browser including visual history Adjustable image processing User Privacy mode – no image savings The employee database is recorded with the details of Face ID, full name, job description, name of supervisor, validity, customizable shift timings, etc. For most facial recognition time attendance software, the hardware requirements are USB 2.0, Pentium 41.66 GHz, 20GB free Hard Disk Drive, minimum 512 MB RAM, CCTV analog camera with TVL specifications, and PCTV video grabber. Face recognition has been more popular as a biometric authentication system. 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