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The protection of migrants, Facebook will hit on the platform of hate speech Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 28th morning news, on Friday, Facebook CEO Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) said in a second day visit to Berlin, Facebook has learned an important experience from Germany, which should protect migrants from the Internet "hate speech". As more immigrants came to Germany, the relationship between local residents and immigrants became increasingly tense, and there were some violent incidents. Under such circumstances, Facebook failed to remove the pro Nazi statements on the platform in time, which triggered dissatisfaction among German users. With regard to privacy protection, Facebook encountered cultural barriers in germany. Germany completed its unification only 25 years ago, while Edward · Snowden (Edward Snowden) exposed the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) eavesdropping event in 2013, which awakened memories of the cold war espionage activities. Facebook rarely publishes data on the number of users in a single country. However, the company said that the number of active users in Germany was about 21 million, equivalent to about 14 of the total population, less than 24 million of the UK’s population more than two years ago. Britain has a smaller population than germany. Zuckerberg said: "this city, this country has a very long history, which shaped a culture, in a variety of ways to make Germany a global leader in privacy protection."." On the first day of his visit to Germany, Zuckerberg visited the chief aides of German Chancellor Merkel, discussed technical issues and received awards. Why not take on additional measures to remove the German Facebook platform "hate speech", Zuckerberg said, Facebook has been working with local partners to combat hate speech, and Facebook has hired 200 people in Germany, responsible for dealing with this kind of problem. He said that Facebook did not believe that immigrants, like minorities and other minority groups, needed such protection. He said: "understanding German culture, learning German law prompted us to change the way.". This has always been a work in progress. Today I’m not going to say, we’ve done it perfectly, actually we don’t have it." A 19 year old IT students Jonas Umland · (Jonas Umland) for Zuckerberg was satisfied with the answer. He said, "Zuckerberg thinks there’s room for improvement, and that’s a good thing. On the other hand, he did not mention the specific measures that Facebook could take. I feel like he’s very popular." (Wei Jin)

保护移民,Facebook将打击平台上仇视言论   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月28日上午消息,本周五,Facebook CEO马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)在访问柏林的第二天表示,Facebook从德国学到了一条重要经验,即应当保护移民免受互联网上“仇视言论”的骚扰。   随着更多移民来到德国,本地居民和移民之间的关系日趋紧张,并发生了一些暴力事件。在这样的情况下,Facebook未能及时清除平台上的亲纳粹言论,这引发了德国用户的不满。   关于隐私保护问题,Facebook在德国遭遇了文化的障碍。德国于25年前才完成统一,而爱德华·斯诺登(Edward Snowden)2013年曝光的美国国家安全局(NSA)窃听事件唤醒了人们对冷战时期间谍活动的记忆。   Facebook很少公布单个国家的用户数数据。不过该公司表示,德国的日活跃用户数约为2100万,相当于总人口的约1 4,低于两年多以前英国的2400万。英国的人口要少于德国。   扎克伯格表示:“这座城市、这个国家有着极为悠久的历史,这塑造了一种文化,以多种方式使德国成为全球隐私保护的领先者。”   扎克伯格在访问德国的第一天拜访了德国总理默克尔的首席幕僚,讨论了技术问题并接受了颁奖。   关于为何没有采取更多举措,移除德国Facebook平台上“仇视言论”的问题,扎克伯格表示,Facebook已经与本地伙伴合作打击仇视言论,而Facebook已在德国聘请了200人,负责处理这类问题。   他表示,Facebook此前并不认为,与少数族裔和其他少数派群体一样,移民需要得到这样的保护。他表示:“了解德国的文化,学习德国的法律促使我们改变了方式。这一直是一项进行中的工作。今天我不会说,我们已经做得很完美,实际上我们并没有。”   一名19岁的IT专业学生乔纳斯·乌姆兰(Jonas Umland)对于扎克伯格的回答感到满意。他表示:“扎克伯格认为还有改进空间,这是件好事。另一方面,他没有提到Facebook可能采取的具体措施。我感觉他很受欢迎。”(维金)相关的主题文章:

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