Two car hostage in Sichuan staged a gangster large high-speed turning

Two car hostage washed off Sichuan high-speed staged "YouTube" police Danghuo suspects hostage washed off where a black Volkswagen car Chengdu Daily reporter from the Sichuan high-speed traffic police chengmian Guangsan brigade was informed that November 13th morning, cotton wide high-speed staged a "large police bandit". A number of foreign men hijacked a Qingchuan man driving past the checkpoint, traveling from Qingchuan County jinzishan toll station at high speed in the direction of. High speed traffic police Chen Dezhi, Wu Yang, and the driver to track, and intercepted a suspected kidnapping gang in a traffic jam scene, the scene rescued a hostage, arrested 1 suspects, arrested in the process, a police injured knee. The hostage kidnapped people thrilling a high for the city of Guangyuan Qingchuan County, Qingchuan county is a local company full-time driver. The morning of November 13th in Qingchuan County town of Yuen do for driving the company to leave the vehicle, a vehicle parked in the street just close, a group of unidentified people on the pepper spray, forced to take the car, and driving the car to the G5 in the direction of Beijing Kunming expressway. Pass to high speed police Chen Dezhi introduction, 9:43, a Yu A license black Volkswagen car to charge the gold mountain fast standing over, he then hit a pull over gesture, but the car suddenly stepped on the brake, acceleration and turning. Then, a Lu A license black Audi sedan also rushed to the toll station. In the vicinity of the toll window, Chen Dezhi and his teammates will be forced to stop the car. But the car refused to produce documents, back down more than 10 meters, after the collision with the rear car again…… Chase 20 km probably ran about 20 kilometers, because the road ahead of traffic jams, we caught up with the suspect vehicle two." Chen Dezhi, about 9:55 in the morning, trailing the suspect vehicle to Beijing Kunming Expressway (mianguang to 1553km+500m) when he and his teammates are forced to stop the suspect vehicle, personnel on the car to open the door to scattered and fled, they control a suspect in the grass. Two car emergency escape hostage washed off on November 13th at 9:40 in the morning, Sichuan high-speed traffic police brigade received chengmian Guangsan Qingchuan County Public Security Bureau 110 phone alarm, two car to stand from the gold mountain, the car kidnapped a hostage, a car is a car license plate, "Lu" is "Henan" brigade in the license, please gold hill toll station to intercept the suspect vehicle. After the alarm, Sichuan high-speed traffic police chengmian Guangsan three squadron of Police Brigade Chen Dezhi, Wu Yang led Wang Zhen to assist police quickly out of the police, and police intelligence report. Police arrived at the jinzishan toll station, quickly set the warning area and the inspection area, and combined with the characteristics of charging station location, in front of the police, were prepared to meet the challenge examination and defensive three directions, cloth police, pay close attention to every car in the vehicle. "We have just set up a temporary inspection area less than a minute, they found a suspected vehicle." Chen Dezhi told the Chengdu Daily reporter, at 9:43, a Henan Yu A license black Volkswagen car quickly opened up, is the post Chen Dezhi then hit a pull over gesture, but the car stepped on the foot brake, suddenly accelerated and washed off, and in the direction of Guangyuan. Then in Henan province just washed off after the vehicle, and a Shandong Lu A license black Olympic spirit相关的主题文章:

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