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Under the ruthless hand to save the northeast economic reform national development and Reform Commission recently issued an editorial "to promote the revitalization of the three year rolling plan of northeast old industrial base (2016-2018)", put forward 127 major projects, involving a total investment of 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan. Since the central government put forward the strategy of revitalizing the old industrial bases in Northeast China in 2003, the Northeast has experienced several rounds of "rejuvenation"". In the first half of this year, the economic growth of the three northeastern provinces ranked the bottom position of the national ranking, Liaoning has become the only negative economic growth in the region. This round of economic downturn in the Northeast roughly from the beginning of 2013, this time is the 4 trillion investment plan began to subside. The country’s economic growth began to slow down, the three northeastern provinces of economic growth showed a rapid decline in the trend. After the tide receded, the old problems of the northeast economy are exposed: the low degree of marketization, high proportion of state-owned economy, slow industrial restructuring, corporate social responsibility, such as the heavy burden of history. The state owned economy in the planned economy era has shaped the unique rules of the game in Northeast china. The rules of the game have long been a barrier to the development of the Northeast economy. Partial resources, emphasis on the northeast of the industrial economy benefit from China’s economic investment driven. For example, from 2008 to 2012, four trillion stimulus plan period of validity, the three northeastern provinces ranked the forefront of economic growth. And when China’s investment driven can not continue, the rules of the game on the unreasonable harm out. Both now and in the past the Northeast revitalization program, and ultimately encourage innovation driven development, and promote the development of private economy and other content, but after all is to change the existing northeast through reform, is not conducive to the development of the private economy in the rules of the game. In the case of no change in the rules of the game, the investment can only be a short-term stimulus, but also may be cured of the original irrational industrial structure. As the already outdated rules of the game are rooted in a deeply entrenched state – owned economy, changes in the rules of the game need to go through a thorough reform of state – owned enterprises. Development since 2003 shows that different from the state-owned economy is relatively weak in southeast coastal areas of the northeast economy, are unlikely to reverse the low degree of marketization, the high proportion of state-owned economy, the adjustment of industrial structure and slow situation only by incremental reform. In short, to save the economy through investment, the need to establish a reasonable economic rules on the game. Save the northeast economy, investment is just a delaying tactic, only under the ruthless hand, really do SOE reform is the radical way. [more news interpretation, WeChat add public account today topic listen]相关的主题文章:

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