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UnCategorized When running a business or working in a sales role, our number one goal is to increase sales. As a result, we always operate with some level of interest and need in finding ways to secure new clients and get more revenue out of our existing customer base. While there are many tactics and strategies to increase sales, one effective way is to try to ignore the instinct to satisfy your own needs for sales and focus on helping everybody else in that area. This counter intuitive approach revolves around a mind set and approach based on reciprocation. Reciprocation is defined as mutual exchange or return in kind (source: Merriam-Webster). But the simply way to look at this is that reciprocation is returning the favor or act that someone else provides. Figuratively speaking, you scratch someone’s back and they then scratch your back to return the favor and to reciprocate. The philosophy with this sales technique is that by presenting yourself as being very focused in helping others, and by working to help others, you will create a tremendous amount of good will and that will trickle back to you and help to increase sales. Below are some examples of applying this to improve your ability to influence others: Working with Prospects When we work with prospects, we typically have our portfolio of products and services at the top of our mind and are usually looking for ways to get those at the forefront of the conversation. When a prospect sees us trying to do this, their guard will increase as they will sense us going into "I am trying to sell you something" mode. But if we change our frame and approach to one of "I am trying to help you to increase sales", you will not only begin to speak the prospect’s language, but you will lower their guard and begin to build rapport and good will. Working with Clients Similar to how we work with prospects, if we work with clients with a position of "my top interest is to help you to increase sales and that may or not involve my products and services", we will stand to build better relationships with our clients and that can more sales from clients and also an increased potential for referrals. Working with Business .working Partners Using reciprocation to drive positive results in sales probably is most powerful when doing business .working. When we .work, we are basically meeting strangers and wanting to motivate them to learn about us, to help us, and to eventually send business our way. The best way to motivate this action is to do those exact actions for them which would be an approach of reciprocation.. The important thing to note about using reciprocation with business .working is that you can see positive results from simply presenting that you have this mindset. For example, by simply focusing conversations on the other person and asking questions around how you can help them to improve their business, you will make great strides in the areas of building rapport and good will. This can lead to them wanting to help you and can have a positive impact on your sales. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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