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Food-and-Drink A Mumbai lover can never stop ranting about how good the city is. Every Mumbaikar has only good words to speak about this large, beautiful and culturally diversified city. Being the capital city if Maharashtra state, it is the most sort-after city of the country. And why not, with so many attractions and so much to do, this city has been anything but just kind to people from all castes, culture, caste and creed. To talk about one specific thing that about Mumbai is the cuisine and the delicious food they have to offer. They all belong to different cultures and hence living in just one city you can get to taste the flavors of different parts of the country. One such cuisine that satiates every taste bud is seafood. And like we have already mentioned, because there is so much in this city, all you have to do is find the best seafood restaurant in Mumbai and gorge on all the yummy and mouth-watering dishes that seafood has. Find out about the best seafood in Mumbai: It is a known fact that Mumbai has seen many fishing colonies and also that it is a coastal area. Hence there are no doubts the seafood that you get here. They are the best and the cleanest of all. Especially when you plan to dine out with family or loved ones, you do not have to worry about eating seafood. The best restaurants of the city ensure that they keep their kitchens cleaned and also ensure that they clean up the fishes neatly leaving no stink. Stink is what bothers majority of the people and there is a pre-received notion that the fishes arent cleaned properly in restaurants. So stay rest assured when we say that you do get the best seafood Mumbai , in terms of the taste, hygiene and health too. And the best seafood can be got when you visit the best seafood restaurant in Mumbai. There is where you can keep all your worries aside. You can try your hand at the many dishes that they serve, right from butter garlic crab; prawns fry to simple surmai curry, there are many dishes that you can try. Your lunch or dinner will be sumptuous and at the same time fun thanks to the lovely ambience that these restaurants have. The best is all about good food, arrays of drinks to go with, soothing ambience with minimal noise and a hygiene that is well maintained. And trust us when we say you can find all of that in one restaurant. Go online, skim through the many options and click on the best restaurant that .es up. Look through the photos and reviews and accordingly make a choice. Good reviews will help you make your choice about where you get the best seafood in Mumbai: You could go online and read through the many reviews posted by users. This will help you narrow down your search and choose the one that is indeed the best and serves the best seafood Mumbai . We are sure you wont be disappointed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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