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Business The ball mill noise control is to control the noise output of the ball mill in the process of crushing materials by the engineering measures and is also to control the spread and receive of the noise, which is in order to reach the required acoustical environment. Ball mill is an efficient tool for grinding many materials into fine powder. Ball Mill is widely used in industrial production, one of the high-fine grinding machines. Strong vibration and noise will be produced when the ball mill crushes materials and the noise can be up to about 100 to 115 dB (A), which does great harm to the operation workers and the surrounding environment. How to control the ball mill noise? The basic measures of the noise control include the following few: 1, Add an acoustic cover. The acoustic cover is made up by the steel structure framework and the sheet steel shell filled with the acoustic absorbent such as damping layer and superfine grass wool to seal the ball mill. Because the ball mill will produce the large amount of heat when running, so the internal heat dissipation and the equipment maintenance must be paid attention to. 2, Replace the manganese steel plate with the rubber liner plate, the noise level will decrease at 9 dB (A) and the high frequency spectrum characteristic changes to the low frequency spectrum characteristics. ore beneficiation:.www.hxjqchina.com/n28.html ball mills:.www.hx-crushers.com/p72.html 3, Install a flexible layer. Install a heat soft rubber blanket between the inner surface of ball mill roller and the liner. In order to prevent overheating of the soft rubber plate put industrial felt whose thickness is 10-15mm between the ball mill plate and soft rubber pad lining board to decrease the noise of the ball mill to the allowed standard. 4, Pack a sound insulation layer outside the roller wall. Pack an industrial belt with a thickness of 50mm outside the roller wall of ball mill and use a steel plate as a mask fixing to the roller outer wall, the actual sound insulation value is about 12dB(A) 5, Design a acoustic booth. In the permitting condition, concentrate the ball mill on the special ball mill chamber and reform the ball mill chamber to a special acoustic booth. The effect of it will be better than that of the sound insulation cover. However, we must pay attention to solve the problems such as the monitoring in the operating of ball mill, the internal heat dissipation and the maintenance of the ball mill. ball mill:..hx-crusher../ball_mill.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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