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Home-Securtiy Many of the latest technological advancements that have impacted home security systems are evident in the systems monitoring sensors. An example of this is infrared motion detectors (sometimes called PIR motion sensors, or passive infrared sensors). These sensors are able to detect infrared radiation, such as is produced by the human body. Still other examples are sensors producing a beam of light with a .panion photo sensor. Motion is detected when the beam of light is interrupted. Another sends out ultrasonic waves and is equipped with a receiver that is able to monitor the waves echo. Home monitoring sensors have a number of applications in your overall home security. Alarm Systems Different types of motion detectors or sensors are used in a variety security and safety applications. The most .mon application is in home security alarm systems. An alarm systems alert is triggered not only by someone entering an incorrect code through the systems control panel, but also when a motion detector senses movement inside the house. The signal produced by the sensor to the control panel can call for an immediate alarm or allow for a delay. This allows for individuals moving about the house at night (raiding the refrigerator, using the restroom) to disable the alarm if necessary. Motion detectors can be set outside the house as well. These sensors can be battery operated, not requiring a direct power feed. Of course the effectiveness of such a system demands a steady supply of power, that means the batteries must be regularly maintained. Video Surveillance Video surveillance systems rely heavily on motion detectors. This allows these systems to record only when movement is detected as opposed to wasting storage space with continuous recording. The motion detectors used are like those in the alarm systems. They can be set inside and outside the house and are triggered to operate when motion is detected. Lighting One of the most familiar applications of motion detectors is in lighting. The sensors are a .ponent of a lighting system so that when motion is detected the lights .e on. This can be used for safety purposes, that is, a sensor may detect when a car (even your own car) pulls into the driveway and exterior lights are activated. Individual lights with sensors can be set at exterior doors so that when anyone approaches that door, the light .es on. This can be a great deterrent to potential intruder and also avoids the cost of continuous burning lights. Safety The light beam producing motion detector is .monly found as a safety feature on automatic garage door openers. These sensors, when triggered (beam of light is broken), send a signal preventing the door from closing. Home monitoring sensors are your eyes and ears to watch your home any time you cannot. 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