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Nutrition Weve all seen it; even the low-carbohydrate enthusiast has seen it. Whole grains are good for you! They burn slowly, fill you up, add fiber to your diet and are perhaps food in its most perfect form. So what is it about eating whole grains that would be so complicated? The truth is, that not all whole grains are created equal, especially if we are depending upon the labels in our grocery stores to give us that whole grain satisfaction. The paradox of buying whole grains goods from a grocery store is a slippery slope. Its almost like you need a decoder ring or a law degree to see exactly what you are buying. When we see the words a good source of whole grain or made with whole grains we think we are making the smarter choice by paying our hard earned money for this option rather than one with out those trigger words on the label. The truth is words like these should be read as accurate and complete phrases rather than having the important terms of ‘whole grain’ jump off the label at you. As we look at the ingredients, we will see that very few items are actually wholly whole grain in the grocery isles. When we look at the list of ingredient, if key words such as bleached or enriched are listed, then the colon clogging goop is still in what you are hoping to be healthy even though it is also ‘made with whole grains’. Likely there are some whole grains in the item too, but it does not have to be more than 51% of the flour to be considered a source or made with whole grains. So, now what? We dont have the secret decoder ring or pocket dictionary for legal jargon to take to the grocery store! How can we get real whole grains in our diets? If we want to be healthy and actually have those whole grains in their best form, we need to mill our own flour from real WHOLE kernels of grain. If I take the time to read all the grocery store labels while shopping for whats healthy for my family, it seems like a waste of my valuable time. I could save that time though and make loaf of fresh bread at home from grinding the kernels to pulling it out of the warm oven in the same amount of time it would take me to read and decode labels. With as little as 5 wholesome components, all of which I can not only spell but also pronounce, I am able to make: pita pockets, hero rolls, hot dog and burger buns, cinnamon bagels, loaf bread, and more! The healthy choices are endless! About the Author: Donna Miller is a work-at-home wife and mother. Donna is delighted to share her trials and triumphs of learning to mill and cook with whole grains and tips to saving money, after studying for years in the areas of nutrition, homemaking and back-to-basics living. Sharing what she has learned is her passion. The Millers own Millers Grain House, an online Organic and Chemical-free Whole Grain store:.www.millersgrainhouse.com/store Free tips: ..youtube../user/thewheatguy Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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