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Home-Securtiy Office access control systems are installed at doors, gates and other entry points. In recent years, loss of inventory has emerged as a potential threat for most business owners. A system of effective office access control integrated with 24-hour video surveillance can be a solution to this problem. An access control system will restrict entry to your warehouse or storerooms and will prove to be quite effective in preventing losses from theft. In today’s times, a business owner faces not only loss from theft, but also potential risk to life and property from nuisance elements. An alarm monitoring system, integrated with 24-hour video surveillance and access control can help you prevent such risks. Highly sensitive or protected areas however demand office access control systems that not only restrict entry, but also ensure remote communication. Office access control can take the form of key cards, fobs, swipes, and keyless and logged facilities. Logs also allow a business to keep track of their employees’ entry and exit times. This information can easily be accessed at later date through automated logging and reports. Sophisticated office access control systems, offering complete control over who enters your premises, are usually integrated with intercom systems. For instance, when a visitor presses the button on the door phone or intercom, you will notified that someone is at the door with the help of your telephone’s distinctive ring tone. As soon as you pick up the telephone, you get automatically connected to that door. Some systems also make use of outdoor intercom callbox with gate opening control. Such a system also features a keypad that enables authorized users with pre-assigned entry codes to activate the door, gate controller or door lock. Such office access control systems are widely used at hotels, resorts, gated entrances, construction sites, receiving docks, warehouses, and so on. Commercial access control using video intercom is also much in demand. Such an intercom comes with features like wide-angle view, vandal resistant digital camera, great picture memory, high-resolution screen, sensor inputs, adjustable buttons for varying light conditions, and many other features. The video door station usually offers quality images even during night. It can be easily mounted on wall surface. Technological advances in the field of property security have introduced businesses to an incredible new range of affordable, exciting and innovative office access control products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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