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The woman called the car is excellent step "brush" Baidu "customer service" and the new network cheated – CNR network Tianjin on September 23rd news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that the two day, Ms. Li Tianjin has been cheated 8498 yuan chagrin. 13 in the evening, she used the best step software called the car, from the elevator under the 30 floor, there is a driver to pick up on the elevator, but the elevator has just arrived at the level of the other, the other on the confirmation of the charges, and took less than $10 10. Ms. Lee realized that he could be malicious brush driver, and then would like to complain. Hotel receptionist brother to help him in Baidu search, find a good step unified national customer service phone phone number: 010-80444374. Call in the past, a so-called excellent step staff, said they did monitor the abnormal charges. Phone, excellent step staff, said that in addition to their return to Ms. Lee fare, but also to report the behavior of 200 yuan reward, and Lee to provide payment bank account. Ms. Lee said that she usually use WeChat payment, the other side of the WeChat payment bar code to go, but also specifically asked WeChat payment limit. And in the case of Ms. Lee to provide the other side of the bar code soon, her WeChat bill on more than two payment information, showing that has been transferred to 8498 yuan. Remind you, do not set the best step taxi service call. There are two main communication channels, respectively, by virtue of the excellent step on the official website of the help page, as well as through excellent mobile phone client consulting or complaints. Say a word, what age, excellent step actually did not have a perfect customer service system, the problem can not find a place to contact, but also through what e-mail customer service support. Excellent step, take some sincerity out.相关的主题文章:

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