Zhang Dejiang meets with President of Peru – Kuczynski shuyue

Zhang Dejiang meets with President Kuczynski of Peru – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Hou Lijun) in September 14, the NPC Standing Committee Chairman Zhang Dejiang 14, met at the Great Hall of the president of Peru Kuczynski. Zhang Dejiang said that China and the United States and China have a long history of friendly exchanges. The president’s visit to China, a comprehensive planning and development stage of President Xi Jinping with you on the secret relationship, and reached important consensus. China has always attached great importance to relations with Peru and is willing to work with the secret work, continue to strengthen political dialogue, deepen all-round cooperation and promote bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership to a higher level, to better benefit the two peoples. Chinese NPC is willing to further strengthen friendly relations and cooperation with the parliament of Peru, to carry out exchanges and cooperation in various fields, multi-level and multi-channel, strengthen the exchange of experience in governance and the construction of democratic legal system, to jointly promote the continuous development of the secret relationship to contribute. Kuczynski said that Peru is willing to learn from China’s development experience, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with China in various fields, and promote bilateral legislatures to strengthen friendly exchanges. Wang Chen to attend the meeting.相关的主题文章:

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